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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Video to DVDConversion

Video to DVDConversion

One of our most popular services is the transfer of Video to DVD format.


We convert any form of video or even Cine film to DVD.


By transfering your video to DVD you will avoid the problems of old videotape deteriorating and enable easy enjoyment of your precious recordings for years to come.


We charge the same rates regardless of the length of your  videotape upto a maximum of 3 hours per disc.


All this is included in the DVD price:


* High quality professional custom made DVD's.


* Each DVD has a main menu to access each tape, with Chapter access points included.


* All DVD's are supplied in a full sized DVD case.


* No extra charge for combining more than one tape on the same DVD, only pay per disc required.


* Free Conversion from overseas formats (USA etc) NTSC to PAL,absolutely no hidden additional charges for conversion from camcorder tapes or other video formats like NTSC camcorder formats!


* All Video formats accepted (VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, 8mm, V2000 etc)


* Your video tapes will be returned to you with your completed DVD


* A maximum of 3 hours of tape transferred to a single DVD for only £15.00


* Additional charge of £10.00 for Betamax conversion


*Cine film is £25.00 for the first 200 feet of tape then £4.50 per 50 foot of tape thereafter

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