Take a few minutes and look around the house for all of your family’s visual memories – films, photos, slides, negatives, videotapes and cine film.

Hedon Green Print can transfer your cherished memories to a digital format. They can then be converted to videos on DVDs, digital images on data DVDs, CDs, thumb drives or external hard disc drives.

Hedon Green Print can help organise your family’s visual memories which will allow you to enjoy them more often.
Converting your media to a digital format will provide better preservation of your family’s memories.

Once your photos are converted to a digital format, the quality and colour are locked in. Time and the elements in our homes are detriments to the quality of printed memories.Heat, light, and humidity are enemies of any media storing your family’s history. Hedon Green Print can provide you with valuable information on the proper ways to preserve your memories utilising archival grade storage containers.

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