Photo Alteration/Restoration FAQ's

Q. Can you repair photos that are completely torn into two or more pieces?
A. Yes, just make sure they are all on the scanner together. The preview you see on the
screen when placing your order will not look right but your image will be restored by our artists and put back together again

Q. Can you repair photos that have been underdeveloped or overexposed?
A. Yes, we can fix this.

Q. My photo is sepia, will it be that colour when you have finished with it?
A. Yes it will. We will return your photo to the same colour it was when you sent it to us, i.e.
Black & White, Colour or Sepia. Faded colour photos will be restored and brought back to life.

Q. Can you take a black and white photo into colour?
A. Yes this can be done.

Q. How long does it take?
A. We will have your restored photo delivered to you in 7 days.

Q. My photo is oval, will it still be oval when it is restored?
A. Yes, we will preserve the original shape of the image.

Q. My photo is quite blurry; will it be nice and sharp when it comes back?
A. Unfortunately this is one thing that we can not easily fix. When we “sharpen” an image it
can cause it to become quite “grainy”. So, if it is blurry to start with it will most likely be blurry
when the damage is repaired. You may wish to try and scan it again at a higher resolution.

Q. I cannot recognise the face of one of the people in the photo, will I be able to see
it when you have finished?
A. It depends on the level of damage. If we can see “through” the damage to the detail then
we will be able to bring it back to life. If we cannot see any detail, then we will not be able to
restore it for you. We’ll let you know if there is a problem.

Q. I noticed that the sizes offered are different from the size of my original photo. Will
any of my photo be cropped off?

A. No we will keep all of the photo.

Q. What happens if I want additional prints?
A. Along with the print you get a CD with your image on it. You can then order additional prints

Q. Part of the photo is missing completely. Can you replace this?
A. If it is not someone’s face, then very often we can replace background detail so you
wouldn’t know it was ever missing. If you have the piece then make sure it is on the scanner with
the rest of the photo so we capture it properly.

Q. In one of our special photos, some people have their eyes closed. Can you open
their eyes for us?

A. Yes

Q. Is there any age limit for the photo?
A. We have restored photos that were printed on Tin and glass plates as old as 1830. If you
can scan it, we can restore it. If we can’t we’ll let you know.

Q. I only want one person in the photo restored, can you do this?
A. When you scan the image, please crop into the subject that you wish us to work on.

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