We all know time is precious, but wouldn’t it be even more precious showing a photo of him, her or the two of you together?

Or what about a picture that reminds you of a special time? A black and white picture of times long gone by? Your most beloved pet? 

Be original and capture the moment! With loads of pretty frames to choose from. What time is it?

Time to get an original gift! It isn’t hard to get your picture on a clock, give it a go and... You can design your own clock in a tick and a tock!

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Aluminium Wall Clock

Aluminium Wall ClockOur aluminium Wall Clock adds a fin..


Desk Clock

Desk ClockOur Desk Clock adds a finishing touch to any ..


Glass Wall Clock

Glass Wall ClockOur glass Wall Clock adds a finishing t..


Mirror Desk Clock

Mirror Desk ClockOur Mirror Desk Clock adds a finishing..


Standard Wall Clock

Standard Wall ClockOur Standard Wall Clock adds a finis..

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