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Photo Restoration

Memories fade and so do the photos that capture them. Over time, images dim and prints can acquire cracks, tears and stains from inadequate storage, mishandling and unforeseen events. Our Photo Restoration service can bring back all your old photo’s to their original beauty.

We are specialists in photo restoration and retouching, and can preserve your precious memories by boosting faded colours and removing dust and scratches if you require.

We can create restored photographs from negatives, slides, digital media and existing damaged prints to give your old damaged photos a new lease of life.

We can even repair photos that have been completely torn in half; the photo restoration results we achieve are truly astonishing so bring your damaged photos in store today and let us surprise you with the results.

Once we have repaired your damaged photograph, why not get the restored image printed and put in a frame or transformed onto a canvas. If you have a lot of photos we could create a stylish collage that transform your old photos into a modern piece of art.

With our photo restoration and repair service you can halt the ravages of time.

Don’t let your treasured photo memories crumble away.

Photo Restoration 1

If your photo is suffering from any of these issues we can help!!

  • spots
  • stains
  • mould
  • cracks
  • tears
  • scratches
  • fading
  • colour loss
  • fix lighting issues
  • soften/smooth skin
  • whiten teeth and eyes.
  • remove objects or people
  • remove food or drink stains from clothing.
  • add colour to your favourite old photo
  • get creative – remove colour from just parts of your photo


To colourize a black and white photo is to digitally add colour to images that could not be captured by the monochrome photographic process of the time. When done properly, this can bring old black and white photos to life with colour, by accurately recreating the subtle hues and tones present in the original scene

Photo Restoration 2
Photo Restoration 3
Photo Restoration 4
Photo Restoration 5


With our restoration service we always like to offer a quotation prior to undertaking the work as each individual job can vary significantly in the time taken.

Prices start from a little as £5.00 for basic photo restoration.

If you live local simply fetch your images into our store and we can advise you further and offer an instant quotation on the overall cost.

Don’t live local? Take a quick snap of the damaged image and email it to us. We will assess the work required to return your image to its original beauty and email you back with a quotation and instructions on how to place your order should you wish to go ahead.

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