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Video to DVD Transfer

One of Our Most Popular Services is the Transfer of Video to DVD

Your home video recordings may not have won any Oscars but they are more precious than any Hollywood blockbuster, protect them with our Video to DVD Transfer service.

A worn-out or damaged copy of ‘Titanic’ can easily be replaced, but the tapes that hold your family memories are irreplaceable.

VCRs have a nasty habit of mangling tapes, as we all know, but that’s not the main threat to your video memories. The biggest enemy is TIME. You may be aware that video tape deteriorates a little each time it is played, but did you know that it deteriorates even sitting on a shelf or lying in a drawer? Tape media is in a constant state of deterioration and has a lifespan of 8—15 years.

The good news is: we stop this deterioration dead in its tracks.

Once we have digitised your tapes those precious memories will be preserved for generations to come.

When your videos have been converted to digital format you’ll enjoy the convenience of watching them on your TV or computer.

Our DVDs are guaranteed Industry Standard, which means they will play on any modern DVD player and are fully compatible with PC and Apple Mac optical drives.

No optical drive? No problem, We can transfer your videos to USB Flash Drive (memory sticks) so you can view them on Laptops, Tablets, iPods and Smartphones. You’ll even be able to share them online with Vimeo and YouTube.

Finally, we don’t ‘hobble’ our DVDs with copy-protection so, with the right software, you will be able to “rip” your digitised video for editing on your computer.

Act now — don’t leave it until something bad happens

Video to DVD Transfer

What do we Transfer

  • VHS Tapes
  • Beatmax Tapes
  • Video 8 Camcorder Tapes
  • Hi8 Camcorder Tapes
  • Digital 8 Camcorder Tapes
  • MiniDV Camcorder Tapes
  • Cine Film

Service Costs

We charge per disc created and can get up to 2hrs of high quality video onto a standard DVD or up to 3 hrs of video to a duel-layer DVD. We do this, rather than charge per tape like others do, so customers who have several part used tapes can build a disc up cheaper.
Each DVD come complete in a full height DVD box.

  • VHS Video transfer to Standard DVD (2hrs) – £15.00
  • VHS Video transfer to Duel-layer DVD (3hrs) – £20.00
  • Betamax Video transfer to DVD – £20.00
  • Camcorder Tapes transfer to Standard DVD (2hrs) – £15.00
  • Camcorder Tapes transfer to Duel-layer DVD (3hrs) – £20.00
  • Cine film to DVD Transfer – initial 200′ of tape £25.00, every 50′ thereafter £5.50
  • Additional copies of DVD – £4.99
  • Convert DVD to MP4 Format and save to USB stick (Integral USB Supplied) – £15.00

How To Order

To place an order please follow these easy sets.

Live Locally? pop into our shop with your tapes and leave the rest to us.

Ordering by post? download and complete the order form below, send your tapes to us along with the order form (the tapes are returned to you), we will email an invoice to you that can be paid on line or over the phone if you prefer. Once the invoice is paid your completed DVD’s and old tapes will be posted out to you by next day recorded delivery.